Meet the Laser Coach

The Laser Coach

Don Berryhill

Don Berryhill

Don Berryhill started in the business of selling medical lasers in 1995 and has worked directly with physicians since 1984. He’s been directly involved with the sale of hundreds of lasers and is an expert in the process involved in purchasing expensive laser equipment.

He understands the confusion and frustration of physicians and business owners trying to decide which laser to buy and if they are getting the best deal possible. His desire to help out people in this situation led to starting his own consulting business to be a resource for these individuals.

His focus is not to steer you to any particular laser but rather make sure you understand what you’re buying, get the best deal, and feel good about your decision. An analogy would be if you were in the market for an expensive sports car and didn’t know much about them, would you find it helpful to have someone who sold those kinds of cars for 20 years to help guide you along the way?

He has also compiled an extensive network of industry contacts throughout the years in various areas such as marketing, planning, finance, repair service, clinical, medspa operations, and training.

His strengths and background in the industry include:

  • A strong understanding of the industry along with the inner workings of the companies and selling process
  • Understanding how companies put together quotes and what should be included in the warranties and service contracts
  • Knowing what to look for in the fine print to get the best deal and save thousands of dollars in the process
  • Knowing how to read between the lines of company sales pitches
  • Understanding of laser technology and what makes one system different from another


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