Helping you become a better educated laser buyer and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Are you…

Confused over which laser to buy?

Frustrated by all the different company claims?

Trying to decide whether you should buy new or used?

Concerned about paying too much or too little?

There Are Answers!

If you’re looking to purchase a medical laser but are frustrated with all of the company hype and claims, you’re not alone…

Many physicians routinely complain of feeling like they don’t know the whole story when researching a laser purchase for their practice.

With all the different lasers on the market to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what laser is best for you.

– Products & Services I Assist With –

Finding the best deals on new or used lasers

Facilitating the sale and reducing unpleasant surprises

Analysis and review of various lasers

Independent review of company claims

Deciding whether to buy new or used

Review of laser service issues

Leasing, financing and escrow options

Assisting with the sale of lasers

Assisting in dealing with the laser company or broker after the sale

Laser Manufacturers